Polymechanic EFZ, level E or G, 4-year apprenticeship

The first six months are dedicated to basic education. During this time, the apprentices study at the AZW training centre (Ausbildungszentrum Winterthur). Afterwards, the company-internal training starts and the apprentices work on demonstration pieces or on production orders in our apprenticeship workshop. In addition, they attend trade school in Bülach for one or two days per week, depending on the apprenticeship year and their level.

In the third and fourth apprenticeship year, after the partial school exams, the apprentices work in four teams:

  • Assembly: focus on installation an balancing
  • Solid body production: focus on milling and turning
  • Knife production: focus on grinding
  • Standard part production and fixture construction: working on smaller projects from A-Z.

The newly acquired knowledge and technical skills are tested and graded on a regular basis. This control of success allows constantly improving the individual education. Should the apprentices encounter any difficulties in certain subjects, specific supporting measures will be taken.