1923-1973 Oertli & Co

At the very beginning of the start of the company, Jean Oertli has made it his goal, to manufacture new and improved tools. As one o the first, he experimented with what was at the time a new cutting material HS (high speed steel). He also helped along with other tooling manufacturers, the break trough of tungsten carbide into the woodworking industry.

Jean Oertli hands over the company to his two sons Emil and Paul which expand and grow the company under the name “Oertli + Co”.

Founding of the first daughter-company in the Netherlands. In the next eight years opening of additional subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, USA, England and France.

conversion of the company into a corporation - the "OERTLI Werkzeuge AG".

After 1973 OERTLI Werkzeuge AG

The original factory location is getting to small, and at that time it was decided to give it the go ahead to start with the construction of a brand new production facility in the neighboring town of Hori. The grand opening is celebrated two years later.

Company Management changes to Paul Oertli jun. and Thomas Oertli – with it, the third generation is taking over the helm.

Partnership with the Swedish company Kvarnstrands and the founding of a joint swedish distributor company Kvarstrands-Oertli Skandinavia (KOS).

OERTLI celebrates its 80th anniversary.