Our Strenghts

1. Know-how & innovation potential

OERTLI has an extensive know-how on solutions regarding a wide variety of applications regarding the machining of solid wood. The constant evolution of expanding that knowledge is ever present and is constantly being supported through research and development. Three permanent active product managers are in charge of looking after the three main tooling products.

2. Dependable performance & products

Our goal is that our customers can depend on the performance of our products. That includes top quality tooling at a marketable price to performance ratio. This also includes a reasonable lead time as well constant availability of spare parts. With the signing of the non confidentiality agreements we show our commitment to the confidential treatment of sensitive materials and data.

For pver 90 years, OERTLI has been your worldwide partner for your tooling needs. A dedicated group of company leadership and managers, as well as 270 self motivated and highly technical employees assure our success well into the future.

3. Technology using computer integrated cachining CIM

Years of constant investing in the sector of computer integrated manufacturing (CIM), enables us today to manufacture custom specific tooling systems trough a highly automated system that begins with the rationalized and efficient design all the way through the automated manufacturing of the custom specific tooling systems. This enables us to react swiftly to our customers requests and lets us translate the technical specifications into a high performance product in a very economical way.