Pascal Moretti, Business manager

OERTLI France is located in Dijon and was founded in 2007. Today, the company employs 6 dedicated people.
The focus of the company is geared toward the window industry, and with an ever growing competent sales force, the company is now able to cover the complete French market in that sector. An extensive know-how in being able to offer complete tooling solutions for the most modern window production lines as well as the very close working relationship between well known machine manufactures that dates back many years makes it possible for OERTLI France to competently serve our customers.

Before our customers start making machine tool decisions and plans about them, our product specialists at OERTLI France will put together a wood and wood/aluminum window system for show and tell. A unique and flexible combination of window tools, make it possible to manufacture a wide range of different styles of windows ranging from passive windows, classic windows as well as restoration windows. The tooling concept will be based in consideration of what the customer’s strategic objectives are, as well as the tooling maintenance considerations of the machining center itself.  

Is your goal to capture new markets? Would you like to reduce manufacturing costs? How about the improvement of your product quality? The experts at OERTLI France are here to work together with you on developing a project for an innovative and very strong performance tooling system.